Last week I had the pleasure of travelling on both airlines, the same week where both airlines were claiming increased passenger traffic despite Brexit, terrorism and air traffic control strikes.

The two airlines are often compared so I thought I would conduct my own market research last week on a business trip to Bulgaria.....

The results:

Booking process & online check in - both straightforward and speedy

Price - only a few pounds in it (both around £30/40)

Boarding and takeoff - both on-time!

Friendliness of staff - both great!

Comfort in seats - certainly felt like more space on Easyjet and the aisle definitely wider

On board refreshment service - both ok but shockingly expensive!

In summary, both provided a very similar experience and both were surprisingly good!

The only difference I could see was the lack of the 'stowing' area on the seat in front with Ryanair, so if that's important to you then maybe that will be the casting vote for Easyjet!  Maybe you have had a different experience?  Do tell.......