We believe CIM's new Marketing Leadership Programme will address many of the up skilling challenges senior markets face in the post Brexit world.  However, the new programmes primarily focuses on technical knowledge and strategy skills.

Whilst updating technical skills is essential, our own research is showing that it is the 'soft' skills where the biggest gains can be made. In a digital world, it is all to easy to overlook traditional human face-to-face communication. 

I was astonished recently when a senior marketer admitted she did all her negotiation via email!  She is almost inevitably losing money for her employers.  It is impossible to get the best deal without the ability to 'read' the person you are negotiating with.

It seems that and increasing number of marketers feel intimidated by live human interaction, preferring instead to hide behind emails and social media.  

Those that master the increasingly lost arts of impact, influence and negotiation will inevitably gain a significant advantage over those who don't.